About Designer

The lable Laurus was formed in 2010 by a young designer Olga Lavrinenko. Designer graduated from St. Petersburg University of Technology and Design, specialty clothing designer.

The main sources of inspiration for the designer is the architecture and its details, interior design, state of nature, as well as textures and fabrics. Olga works in the style of "minimalism" and "constructivism" by treating them through the prism of his understanding of fashion. While creating a collection, the designer does not use conventional fabrics, she always brings them their creativity whether it's painting, printovanie or abrasion of the material, creating textures, unexpected combination of fabrics, a game of contrasts and shapes. Designer creates all herself from sketch to finished items.

The main task according to Olga's is the creation of a complete image collection. It must be completed, it must clearly be traced to whom these clothes are presented.